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Balai Sarbini is historic monumental building whose idea came from Lieutenant Genelar (Ret) HM Sarbini. Mr. Sarbini was in charge of the Ministry of Veteran and Demobilization in 1963.

President Soekarno inagurated the project on January 6th 1965 by putting the first stone as the starting of the project. Eight years later, on March 11th 1973, President Soeharto offically launched Gedung Veteran Republik Indonesia. The architect of the building was Ir. Moerdoko.

In the year of 2000, after revitalization phase which does not change the structure and the condition of the building, Balai Sarbini appears with “new face”. It is not only historic monumental building but also the most representative place in Jakarta to hold cultural activities. Furthermore, it can also generate revenues for Indonesia.

To enhance its performance as a center for cultural activities, the managemant of Balai Sarbini invited audio consultants to upgrade the acoustic system inside the building. Especially in the Main Hall. With the upgrade, currently Balai Sarbini is known as the place with the best acoustic system in the downtown of Jakarta.

On February 23rd 2004, President Megawati Soekarnoputri signed a plaque commemorating inauguration of the new Balai Sarbini. From this poin of time, we expect that Balai Sarbini would become the most preferred place for Indonesia’s art – lovers and performers to hold their activities.

Balai sarbini is managed by PT Dome Semanggi Indonesia.

Statue Of H.M. Balai Sarbini

Old Balai Sarbini on 1965

New Balai Sarbini on 2004

Grand Opening Balai Sarbini by
President Megawati Soekarno Putri

Stategically located in the downtown of Jakarta, Balai Sarbini offers the best acoustic concert hall in Jakarta.  Equipped with comprehensive state – of – the – art audio and lighting system. Balai Sarbini is the perfect place to hold cultural performances : concerts, operas, dramas, to name a few.

Balai sarbini is not merely an entertainment venue, but is expected to inspire all art lovers to hold various educational and high quality entertainment programs.