July 19, 2024

Balai Sarbini

Balai Sarbini is a historic monumental building thought up by Lieutenant General of Indonesian Military, (Ret.) HM Sarbini who was in charge of the Minister of Veteran and Demobilization in 1963. On January 6,1965, President Soekarno put the first stone as the starting point of this project whose architect is Ir. Moerdoko. Eight years later, President Soeharto legalized it named Gedung Veteran Republik Indonesia on March 11,1973.

The main entrance of Balai Sarbini is located in same location with the West Lobby of The Plaza Semanggi. Other entrances can be accessed from Shopping Mall.
Comfortably accommodate 1.300 persons including 46 VIP seats.

The Main Hall has three exit doors. All doors lead to 2nd Floor of The Plaza Semanggi. Back stage area, suitable for artist waiting room has two changing rooms and rest rooms.