June 12, 2024

Specialized instruments called ring clutch lifting devices are used to raise precast concrete components with embedded lifting anchors securely and safely. They serve as makeshift “eyes” or points of attachment for hoisting gear or slings. They are composed of carbon or alloy steel and resemble spherical lifting clutches. They are made through welding, casting, forging, and cutting. A safety test requiring a load greater than five times their carrying capacity must be passed by them. Lifting ring clutches that are galvanized are more corrosion-resistant and have a longer lifespan.

Benefits of using a ring clutch lifting device

Concrete panels can be precisely and safely moved and installed with the Ring Clutch Lifting System’s precision design. 1.25 and 2.5 tonnes per lifter are the two tonnage rate options it provides to meet varying weight requirements. It lessens strain and lowers the possibility of mishaps and injuries by distributing weight uniformly. This system’s dependable operation provides the required strength and accuracy, making it indispensable for building construction. The accurate design enables stable and secure handling, supported by a proven safety standard.

For the construction and civil engineering industries, Anchor Ring Clutches are used to lift a variety of Precast Concrete products, such as Panels, Pipes, Manholes, Walls, Box Culverts, Road Barriers, Bridge Beams, etc.

Where to buy these quality ring clutch lifting device

Investing in premium ring clutches from reliable suppliers will boost construction productivity. By guaranteeing the safe and quick lifting and positioning of precast components, these clutches improve project schedules. Furthermore, they lower the possibility of handling-related accidents and promote worker safety.

Ring lifting clutches for precast components are essential to maintaining the effectiveness and safety of building projects. Selecting lifting clutches of superior quality from a reliable company guarantees the safe handling and installation of precast concrete components, which eventually enhances the performance and longevity of the built structures.

Here are the Best 5 ring clutch lifting device companies


1, HULK Metal

Website: https://www.hulkconstructions.com/

HULK METAL is dedicated to ensuring that customers effortlessly acquire their desired Precast Concrete Accessories, thereby empowering them throughout the process. The company is committed to delivering comprehensive services, simplifying the purchasing experience for each customer. HULK METAL guarantees that customers can enhance their brand image and value by obtaining metal products that are solid, reliable, and secure. With an unwavering dedication to establishing new standards in Precast Concrete Accessories and services, HULK METAL consistently strives to instill a lasting sense of security in every customer throughout their purchasing and sales journey.

2, Great Magtech

Website: https://www.greatmagtech.com/

GME, a prominent global leader, not only specializes in high-performance permanent magnets but also stands out as the leading supplier of magnets and magnetic solutions for industrial, research, and engineering applications. The company is dedicated to becoming the foremost provider of great service worldwide. GME emerged with a specific mission—to advance magnet technology development as an OEM wholesale supplier of permanent magnets and magnetic products. Through close interaction with customers and a market-driven product line, GME is strategically positioned to address the challenges of the dynamic global economy.

Ring Clutch Lifting Devices

Ring Clutch Lifting Device

3, Lifting Equipment Store

Website: https://liftingequipmentstore.com/

Lifting Equipment Store (LES®) has earned a peerless reputation with customers, distinguished by our meticulous attention-to-detail, expert advice, and advanced product knowledge. We recognize that when you place an order, it’s because you need the product. Therefore, our team is committed to providing continuous updates at every stage, ensuring transparency from order placement to the final delivery. This commitment to excellence sets LES® apart in delivering a seamless and informed customer experience.



4, FarmFit

Website: https://www.farmfituk.com/

Welcome to FarmFit! Our well-equipped warehouse boasts a diverse range of agricultural equipment, complemented by our fleet of vehicles and a seasoned team. At FarmFit, we provide everything you need to outfit both yourself and your farm. Count on our knowledgeable team to guide you through the process, ensuring that you get it right the first time. Whether you’re looking for tools, machinery, or expert advice, FarmFit is your trusted partner in enhancing your farming experience.

Ring Clutch Lifting Systems

Ring Clutch Lifting Systems

5, LiftingEquipment.ie

Website: https://liftingequipment.ie/

LiftingEquipment.ie operates as the Sales Division and sister company of KMS (King Mechanical Services), a well-established family business located in Tuam, Co. Galway, Republic of Ireland. With a rich history in the industry, our commitment is to offer only the Highest Quality Products sourced from trusted, world-renowned brands. Benefit from our extensive experience, ensuring that the products we sell meet the highest standards, providing reliability and excellence to our valued customers.

Concrete Spread Anchor Ring Clutch

Concrete Pin-Anchor Lifting Clutch