May 26, 2024

When it comes to luxury watches the Vacheron Constantin Overseas collection is a representation of sophistication, functionality and adaptability. While these timepieces are famous, for their craftsmanship and design one aspect that truly showcases the versatility of the collection and personal touch is the Vacheron Constantin Overseas strap.

These bands serve a purpose beyond securing the watch; they contribute significantly to the appearance and personality of the timepiece. Now lets delve deeper into the Vacheron Constantin Overseas strap and explore how it enhances the elegance and adaptability of these watches.

Material of Vacheron Constantin strap

Vacheron Constantin doesn’t take any shortcuts when it comes to creating the straps for their collection. The choice of materials is a part of the strap design. They offer options, for straps. One of the most sought-after is the rubber strap. Crafted from top-notch rubber vacheron constantin straps are not just comfortable but incredibly resilient. They can endure exposure to water, sweat and various environmental conditions without compromising their appearance or quality.

The rubber straps are meticulously designed to complement the sporty refined essence of the Overseas collection. With their textured surfaces and exquisite details, they are a pick, for individuals who lead lives but still appreciate luxury and elegance.

Custom Vacheron Constantin strap

The strap of the Vacheron Constantin Overseas watch not add to its versatility. It also offers a chance, for personalization. You have the option to select a strap that reflects your style making the timepiece truly one of a kind and tailored to your taste.

By unveiling models within the Overseas collection in 2021 Vacheron Constantin further solidified its position as a frontrunner, in the high-end sports watch industry. The range encompasses models including calendars, chronographs and time-only watches.

Here are the Best 5 Vacheron Constantin Overseas Strap Suppliers for you.

1, Custom Hu


The company, with a team of experienced craftsmen and designers, offers high-quality and distinctive handmade custom strap services, aiming to infuse personalized charm into every customer’s watch. They meticulously select natural leather materials and pay close attention to intricate details, crafting each watch strap into a unique work of art.

A diverse range of genuine leather materials, spanning various colors and styles – from minimalist elegance to vintage luxury, is at the customers’ disposal. The company is proficient in customizing watch straps to fit different brands and models, ensuring that each watch is not only distinctive but also a reflection of the wearer’s unique taste.

Their commitment is to provide a professional, high-quality, and flawless service experience to every customer, maintaining close communication throughout the entire process – from material selection to the final delivery – to ensure complete satisfaction. Whether customers seek to refresh their watch’s appearance or enhance the appeal of a gift for their loved ones, the company offers custom watch straps tailored to meet their needs.

2, Berry’s Jewellers


Founded in 1897, Mr. Abe Berens established shops in Scarborough and Southport. Later, he expanded to Lands Lane, Leeds. The business was then carried forward by his daughter Jeanne and her husband Gee Wolff, evolving into one of the top-quality retail jewelers on Bond Street, Leeds. Through four generations, Mr. Jeffrey Walton, Jean’s son-in-law, along with his son Simon and grandson Oliver, have further developed the business. It now boasts eleven locations in Leeds, Hull, Newcastle, Nottingham, and the historic cities of York and Windsor. Leeds serves as the hub with a Vacheron Constantin boutique, a dedicated OMEGA Boutique, and a Breitling Concept store. In 2023, they proudly opened an OMEGA showroom in Nottingham, continuing the legacy of excellence and expansion.

Vacheron Constantin Overseas Self-winding 35mm 18ct Pink Gold Bracelet Watch

Vacheron Constantin Overseas 33mm Quartz 18ct Pink Gold Strap Watch

3, Vacheron Constantin


Since its establishment in 1755, Vacheron Constantin has consistently placed significant emphasis on arts and culture. The brand’s partnerships signify a celebration of beauty, reflecting the Manufacture’s unwavering commitment to preserving and transmitting heritage. Moreover, it showcases a perpetual pursuit of excellence through exploration, innovation, and continual self-renewal.



4, Delugs


As Delugs evolves into a well-established brand with a substantial global following, it becomes imperative for the company to extend its focus beyond the core business of product provision. Delugs recognizes the importance of defining its brand identity, purpose, and direction. The company has articulated a set of brand values designed to influence its actions, thoughts, and decision-making processes. These values are intended to provide guidance, ensuring consistency and universality in every aspect of the brand, from daily customer interactions to high-level decisions shaping the brand’s trajectory. Regardless of the products developed or the individuals engaged with, Delugs is committed to upholding these values as a constant and universal foundation.

AverageWatches Strap

Army Green Saffiano Stitchless Strap

5, Guangzhou Lingsen


The VAGENARI Rubber Strap is a high-quality accessory designed for wristwatches, providing a durable and comfortable alternative to traditional watch bands. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, the rubber strap is known for its flexibility, water-resistant properties, and resistance to wear and tear. Designed to complement various watch styles, the VAGENARI Rubber Strap combines functionality with a sleek aesthetic, offering a modern and sporty look. Whether for casual or active wear, this rubber strap is versatile and ensures a secure fit on the wrist. With a commitment to quality materials and craftsmanship, VAGENARI has become synonymous with reliable watch accessories, making their rubber strap a popular choice among watch enthusiasts looking for both style and durability.

The Universal Rubber Strap Alligator lines