July 19, 2024

In several industries compressed air is used for several kinds of manufacturing and processing. The compressed air is used with varying power for heavy-duty tools like drills, hammers, running air cylinders in automated processes, atomizing paint, etc. However, generating compressed air is pretty expensive and therefore its uses are measured and there is always an air audit in check where it is used round the clock. The audit of compressed air is done with the help of industrial flow meters or mass air flow meters of high quality.


If you want to source the same from a reputed company with decades of expertise in this field you may contact their customer service. The name of the company is Silver Automation Instruments China which can deliver high-precision flow meters of any kind and functions. The company also rates its products at competitive prices and has been a leader in this area with thousands of customers worldwide.


You will find that a regular and effective audit with the company’s quality meters will enable you to cut down on costs at your factory and check waste. The compressed air flow meters provide the best measurement of air flow rate and the accuracy of the same depends upon the precision with which it has been manufactured.


Measuring Varied Kinds of Air Flows

You will find that there are varied applications for airflow measurement. You may install the compressor system for measuring air to boiler fuel and also detect leaks in the compressed air system. Then there are exhaust air mass flow measurements, compressed dry air measurements, duct airflow, boiler air flow, fresh air, etc.

In a boiler, the air is mixed with coal powder creating a combustion air supply for heating water in the furnace. If you are in doubt you may contact their experts with queries as to the nature of your requirement and they will communicate with you and address all your problems concerning flow meters.


The products from the company come with a guarantee as the flow meters are made for giving accurate readings only. You may therefore check and find about light and heavy duty air flow meter so that you can also supply the same to other industries near to your town.


Coriolis Flow Meters for High Accuracy

You may also purchase their top-quality corolis flow meter so that you can ensure a precise rate of accuracy while using them. The company has sophisticated equipment and highly skilled workforce and specialists who are constantly involved in creating newer designs of flow meters for clients. Apart from that they can be your one-stop shop for sourcing flow meters of varied types and sizes so that you can start your business to supply the same to nearby customers.


The Coriolis flow meters are the most accurate of all meters and therefore they are a bit expensive. They work with a different principle and use the inertia caused by fluid or gas flowing through oscillating tubes. It artificially introduces acceleration which produces a twisting force or vibration with the aid of a vibrator. When the inertia causes the tube to twist the flow rate is measured by the Coriolis meter.