July 19, 2024
Avalon Miner

In the past, I have tried a few ASIC miners, but none of them were up to the mark. Finally, I have got my hands on a premier ASIC miner ideal for CKB mining. It’s called the Antminer K7 and has a hash rate of 63.5TH/s.

Before you ask, I got this miner from Woyouminer.com. It’s a great site for shopping ASIC miners. What I liked the most about the site is that they have miners from top brands like Goldshell, Bitmain, and others.

To learn more about the Bitmain Antminer K7 ASIC miner, I would suggest you all read through my review.

Antminer K7


I am not exaggerating a bit when I say, that the Bitmain Antminer K7 is by far the best ASIC miner I have used. It’s great for mining CKB and delivers a high hash rate. In my opinion, it’s the ideal machine designed for CKB enthusiasts and professionals. Before you think of investing in this miner, let me tell you all about the key features.


Starting with the algorithm, this CKB miner or Whatsminer supports the Eaglesong algorithm. After using it for almost two weeks, I can tell, it is tailored for CKB mining. If you want maximum performance during your mining operations, I suggest you get this miner.


With a hash rate of 63.5TH/s±3%, this Goldshell ck6 delivers exceptional performance. It is one of the many reasons, I like this miner. With the help of this machine, you can mine CKB with full reliability and speed.


When it concerns mining with Antminer K7 or Goldshell CK-BOX II miner, you don’t need to bother about overheating. It has a temperature range of 0-40°C and excellent cooling mechanisms. This enables the miner to maintain good operating conditions even during demanding mining operations.

Power Consumption

When purchasing an Antminer K7 or Avalon miner, checking the energy consumption is a must. As for this miner, it has power wastage of only 3080W ± 5% and a unit power consumption of 48.5W/T ± 5%. This helps miners increase profitability and cut down energy costs.

What Did I Like?

I liked everything about this miner. Right from design to size and performance to speed, the Avalon Miner has got everything on point. Thanks to its compact size, you can use it for various mining setups.

The machine is lightweight, weighing only 16.1 kg. This makes it portable and easy to transport. Last but not least, it has versatile power input. It supports AC power input, ranging from 200 to 240V.

What I Didn’t Like?

Well, there’s nothing in particular that I didn’t like about this Goldshell miner. It’s a fantastic machine and ideal for CKB mining. Whether a pro or a newbie, you can use this miner without a problem.

Probably the only thing that needs improvement is the noise. The miner can become a bit noisy during operation.

Would I Recommend It?

Yes, absolutely! There’s no way, I will be gatekeeping this CKB Jaxminer from you all. If you want to venture into CKB mining, this miner would be a great choice.