July 19, 2024

Cigarette smoking is more harmful than vaping as several experts have pointed out. In the first place, there is no direct inhalation of nicotine which causes health issues and premature death among people. Vaping depends upon the e-fluid that you use rather than the apparatus itself which is pretty harmless. Some studies have suggested the use of vaping as an alternative to heavy tobacco smokers so that they can be weaned away from the habit. As vaping is akin to smoking it can be used as a transitional stage for adults to come out of their addiction to nicotine and take a new and less harmful smoking. However, there is a need for caution as some e-juices contain nicotine which is addictive. Young teens who are less inclined to smoke while their colleagues do can take eightvape as a beginning to avoid sneers and ugly jokes from them.


There is also a fair chance of teens becoming addicted to cigarette smoking at a later stage, while the same may not hold for those who inhale through a vaping device.


How Vape Device Controls Harmful Inhaling?

The Eightvape Disposals that you often find in online stores are made out of high-quality material and diminish any chances of excessive vapor from choking you. The device contains a heating component called a mesh coil and functions to warm the e-liquids to create vapor. Unlike conventional coils mesh coils are made out of stainless steel sheet or Kanthal. The mesh permits the slow heating of the e-liquid so that it goes on at slow degrees. This greatly lessens any chance of inhaling smoke and allows the e-liquid to last for a long time.


The mesh coil shows good resistance to the flow of current from the batteries and hence the heating is a slow process. When the temperature rises optimally inside the device it starts to vaporize the e-liquid which is in contact with the Eightvape Coils. It creates a similar experience to the cigar or cigarette yet unlike those, there is no combustion.


Instead of nicotine-containing e-juice, you can use metatine which is similar to tobacco although the same is not derived from it. It is often considered as an alternative to nicotine and some say it is less harmful.

Variety of E-juice or E-liquid

You get several choices of e-juices or e-liquid as it is known in several regions of the world. If you buy from an online store the same can be purchased at a lower price than from your neighboring store. If you visit some website store you will find that they offer discounts and attractive offers. You may place an order for Eightvape Pod Kits and in some cases, you get flavored e-juice which you can refill into the disposable vape.


The flavors are of different types including Pebble Icy Mint, Elf Bar BC 5000, Strawberry Shortcake, Blue Razz Ice, Vanilla Custard, Root Beer, Strawberry Doughnut Cereal Milk, etc. You may choose to inhale one or more flavors or one each for different occasions if you need to. Such an option can clear your mind and make you feel exhilarated without harming your health.


Some people may like the combination of one or two flavors if they are getting bored by consuming only one flavor.