May 26, 2024

Wait Webster actually created the first pair of trainers in the 19th century, referring to them as ‘plimsolls’. Of course, plimsolls looked very different from trainers these days. They featured thin rubber soles and no bright colours, cool designs, or company logos. They were athletic shoes, simple, one-color designs.

Go back to the 1900s, when the shoe market began to see the emergence of contemporary titans such as Adidas, Converse, Jordan 4 reps, and Puma. Children loved these trainers in the 1950s, and also celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Marlon Brando wore them.

Introduction of sneakers

There was a rebelliousness about sneakers that represented breaking free from society’s rigid dress codes. Not to add, they provided comfort unmatched by any other shoe, a sensation that was novel at the time.


Nike entered the sneaker industry in 1970. It’s interesting to note that Nike was derived from a Greek goddess known as the winged goddess of triumph. Athletes who revered her were thought to have a higher chance of winning in sporting events back then.

When NBA player Michael Jordan agreed to wear Nike’s trainers, known as Air Jordans, the company made its major debut. Nike’s success began with this shoe type, which had a significant impact on sales.

Michael Jordan’s trademark shoe, the Air Jordan 1, was created by Peter Moore and debuted in 1985. Being the first basketball shoe using Nike Air technology, the shoe changed the game for the sneaker business. The Air Jordan 1’s design was ground-breaking as well, departing from the conventional white sneaker and introducing striking hues and materials.

Features of Air jordan sneakers

The shoe has a rubber outsole, a leather upper, and a high-top style. The shoe’s side features a large Nike Swoosh, and the toe box has perforations to allow air to pass through. For comfort and ankle support, the Air Jordan 1 also has a padded collar. Now, the Air Jordan 4 is quite the trend where youngsters prefer to buy these sneakers.

The LJR Air Jordan 4 Reps Retro LS Legend Blue was primarily toned down with the use of white, midnight navy, and legend blue. These LJR Air Jordan 4 Retro LS Legend Blue sneakers have a tumbled leather upper that is completely white in colour. The white upper of this shoe is perforated, as are the leather quarter panels. The Columbia 2015 model additionally features a white lacing system accented with black, and AIR units for cushioning in the soles.

Even though Air Jordan 4s often fit true to size, it’s still advisable to try them on before buying. The shoe will break in and become more comfortable with time, even if it may first appear a touch stiff. The Air Jordan 4 makes an impression, no doubt about it. If you plan to purchase this legendary shoe, you should consider the best way to incorporate it into your regular outfit.