June 13, 2024

BSLBATT is a popular Lithium battery seller from China. They maintain an impressive collection of Lithium batteries that are useful for powering automated guided and material-handling vehicles.


Forklift trucks are popular vehicles that use BSLBATT Lithium batteries in bulk. BSLBATT maintains a special category named electric forklift battery. In this category, customers can have Lithium batteries exclusive for forklifts. They are available in multiple capacities and voltages.


Under the BSLBATT electric forklift battery category, one of the bestsellers in the 72V industrial truck Lithium batteries. These batteries are widely acknowledged for their higher capacity and longevity.

BSLBATT 72V Industrial Truck Lithium Batteries: Detailed Review

The BSLBATT 72V Lithium batteries are the best choice for industrial trucks. These batteries feature a high capacity. One of the highlights of these batteries is the long-lasting battery life.


The BSLBATT batteries offer ten times more battery retention capacity than their counterparts. The advanced battery technology makes them the best choice for heavy machinery.


  • Brand: BSLBATT
  • Model: 72V Lithium Batteries
  • Capacity: 460 Ah
  • Voltage: 72V
  • Dimensions: 1028 X 710 X 780 mm
  • Item Weight: 1330 kilograms


BSLBATT Lithium batteries retain the battery life very well. They have a low discharge rate. A low discharge rate means high battery performance.

The Lithium-ion batteries from BSLBATT have an intelligent BMS feature. The BMS feature optimizes the battery’s performance.

The BSLBATT batteries exhibit higher battery capacity than most other batteries. Due to their incredible performance, they have received an ISO9001 certification.

Previous clients of the batteries have shared rave reviews regarding the performance of the batteries.



  • The batteries have a long life span.
  • A flexible copper busbar is present inside the BSLBATT batteries.
  • The batteries have an intelligent BMS feature.
  • The BSLBATT batteries have a waterproof structure.
  • The batteries are 100% maintenance-free.
  • The BSLBATT batteries have a flame-retardant design.
  • The batteries use Class A cells.


The BSLBATT batteries have a simple design. They are compact, clean, and sleek. BSLBATT has used high-quality aluminum and steel to construct the battery pack. The safety case outside helps the battery pack prevent moisture, dirt, or dust entry.


Users can easily manage these batteries through the exclusive BSLBATT mobile application. The BSLBATT mobile application allows the user to control and monitor the batteries from another location.


It is extremely easy to use the BSLBATT 72V batteries. They have a display on them that shows all the vitals. The batteries also have an alarm set-up that goes off whenever any safety breach occurs.


The 72V BSLBATT Lithium batteries are incomparable in terms of battery capacity and battery retention capacity. These batteries do not use the battery charge when not in use. Likewise, the BSLBATT battery is way ahead of its counterparts in the number of safety standards it complies with. BSLBATT battery follows all the international safety standards that exist in the category.