July 19, 2024

The most common chronic health conditions like prostatic ulcers that are chronic, UTI or cystitis may be treated using the herbs and the “Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill” successfully and naturally. It is crucial as conventional treatments may cause serious adverse negative side effects, like kidney dysfunction and liver dysfunction following antibiotics, damage to the tissue following injections, and impotence following prostate removal procedures, Wuhan Dr Lee’s TCM Clinic provides.

Prostate removal procedures and antibiotics aren’t a simple way to treat prostatitis, but they can cause adverse consequences. Patients, for instance, post their experiences on the Prostatitis health boards’ forums on treatment using antibiotics. Thus, the message that was posted in July 2013 reads: “I am 46 and had this for over a year and been on antibiotics to no avail. I have been on uroxatral and it doesn’t really help. I feel dizzy after the medicines.”

Dr.Lee clarifies that antibiotics aren’t able to effectively penetrate the prostate due to the molecular structure. Dr. Lee concludes that prostatitis chronic can be due to damp heat from the lower part of the burner (jiao). Contrary to antibiotic treatments, Chinese herb therapies may provide therapeutic benefits that are distinct from just blocking the activity of bacterial. Furthermore, Pangolin scales, as a guiding herb with a strong role in permeation. Dr.Lee came up with a remedy for chronic prostatitis that is based on her extensive medical knowledge. The herbs help improve blood circulation, eliminate dampness and heat, cleanse the prostate, and eventually allow the body to heal itself using its own restorative mechanisms. Get more info about prostatitis Testimonials.

“The patients of Dr.Lee confirm the unique efficacy of Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill on the progress of their problems,” says Wuhan Dr.Lee’s TCM Clinic. “Dr. Lee’s herbal medicine can be used to treat chronic prostatitis (CPPS) and UTI as it eases pain and other symptoms naturally. It treats chronic prostatitis safely up to full recovery and, moreover, help people enjoy pain free life.”

Hansruedi Z from Switzerland gives an encouraging review of prostatitis “I am now in my third month of taking the pills against my CPPS and I all the pains are gone and I am very happy about the situation. I shall know finish the cure in about 2 weeks time. What do you recommend afterwards? Just return to normal life? Thank you for your help – you are doing a great job!”

“I’m extremely happy to have received many positive feedback from patients all over the globe. “Says Dr.Lee, “I’m happy of the fact that Traditional Chinese treatment can assist patients suffering from common chronic diseases to provide lasting pain relief and efficient treatment with no adverse consequences. Once patients have completed the three-month treatment, they can go back to their normal lives. An active lifestyle and a healthy diet are still recommended after the treatment.”

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