June 13, 2024

How can you tell a fake SB Dunk?

  • Verify the overall appearance.
  • Veryfying outer cyclone.
  • Veryfying inner whirlwind.
  • Check out the tongue label.
  • Check the toe cap.
  • Legally check the heel counter.
  • Check the font on the size label.
  • Look carefully at the box label.

Are Nike SB and Nike Dunk the same?

Not only do the Nike Dunk and Nike SB Dunk have different histories, but the designs are also different. The biggest difference between the two is probably the tongue. The tongue of the Nike SB Dunk is thicker than the Nike Dunk. You can also recognize the Nike SB Dunk by the Nike SB logo on the tongue.

Why did Nike stop making SB dunks?

They are no longer “cool” sneakers to wear. Finally, thanks to the likes of celebrities like Travis Scott, the hype for the model has reared its head again. This has greatly contributed to the influx of new fans of the model. This rush has resulted in limited availability of SB dunks.

How many Nike Dunks are there?

If you want to get super specific, there are five types of Dunks: high- and low-top versions of the SB Dunk and “regular” Dunk, and a mid-top version exclusive to the Nike SB line. When the original Dunk was released in 1985, it came in high and low options.

Nike SB Dunk Low
Nike SB Dunk Low

Nike SB Dunk Low Sneakers

Two-tone sneakers are even more elegant if you use the classic black and white tones. The Nike SB Dunk Low Black White offers a white leather sole with black accents on the toe cap, eyelet, heel and heel tab. Black accents are also available on the laces, ankle lining and huge Nike Swoosh on the side. The Nike Dunk Low Black White also showcases a clean white midsole and black rubber outsole. Wearing these sneakers will never make it hard to choose the best outfit. All colors can be nailed with this pair!

The Nike SB Dunk Low Black/White will cater to the crowd as it offers a classic black and white style that will fit with any outfit. It also elevates your style while complementing any outfit you want to wear. Grab these kicks and enjoy their smooth shoe construction and performance.

Nike SB Dunk High Sneaker
Nike SB Dunk High sneaker

Nike SB Dunk High Sneakers

The Nike Dunk High sneaker is here to stay—first introduced in the mid-1980s and tailored for college athletes, it’s transformed into a footwear industry staple for anyone interested in shoes. Incorporating classic Nike Dunk style into a high-top silhouette, this shoe is functional and stylish, perfect for when you’re on the go. The Nike SB Dunk High Top is designed to be slightly more supportive than a cropped top, making it ideal for exercise and walking. If you like ’80s-inspired modernity combined with a bold new colorway, the Nike Dunks High-Tops feature the iconic swoosh on the front and center, perfect for you.

The Nike Dunk High is a must-have for any sneaker collection. Solidifying Nike’s dedication to basketball, the Nike Dunks truly made a splash in the sports world. The added variation of high dunks has made them more and more popular. Bold, bright, original and easy to use, these 1980s sneakers are perfect for every occasion and a showcase item on your shelf. The Nike Dunk High Top is “back to the future,” retro cool.

The SB Dunk High dates back to 2002 when Nike’s dedicated SB division launched. The Nike Dunk Pro SB Paul Brown was released in June of that year. Since then, many popular SB Dunk Highs have been released, including the Nike SB Dunk High Paul Rodriguez. Released in 2020, the shoe commemorates Rodriguez’s 15th year with Nike. The white/red-green colorway is based on the Mexican flag and pays homage to his heritage. The SB Dunk High Spectrum is another popular version of this shoe. This multicolor/vinyl colorway has a retro look with pastel colors that were popular in the early 1990s. A natural-colored rubber sole completes this retro feel.