July 19, 2024

Searching for professional cob led strip lights? Hanron Lighting, leading China led lights manufacturer offers the best cob led strip.

While most led strip lights make the right choice based on their color and brightness, the Hanron Lighting COB LED strip lights ensure high performance and a long lifetime.


A great buy for its high quality and innovative design, the Hanron Lighting cob led strip lights serve as a unique solution for all your lighting needs, whether commercial, residential, or even industrial. It can be customized based on led quantity, PCB color and shape, colors, waterproof function, logo on the PCB and package, and adhesive 3m tape.

If you are someone who has been looking for the best quality and customized cob led strip lights, then the Hanron Lighting professional cob led strip lights are a must for you. You can share your creative ideas and design with the Hanron Lighting team to get started.

Hanron Lighting Professional COB LED Strip Lights – An Overview

The Hanron Lighting China cob led strip lights are a series of led strip that encapsulates the chip on the flexible board. Then, a layer of packaging glue mixed with phosphor powder is directly dropped on the surface of the chip. The light emitted by the chip is refracted and reflected in the encapsulation colloid. It interacts with the
phosphor powder. The colloid evenly emits lights of different colors and color temperatures.


The led strip manufacturer has offered a complete series of high-quality cob led strip light for years, such as single color, double color, RGB, RGBW, RBGWW, and pixel cob led strip light. All the cob led strip lights offered by them are CE and RoHS certificated. They also provide customized solutions, OEM, and ODM services.

Hanron Lighting Professional COB LED Strip Lights – Review

  • Description:
    • Model: COB LED Strip
    • Feature: Individually Addressable
    • Brightness Display: 256
    • Color Display: 24-Bit
    • Emitting Angle: 180 Degrees
    • Lifespan: 50000 Hours
    • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Performance: The Hanron Lighting professional COB chip can be directly fixed on the PCB board. The heat of the chip quickly gets transferred to the PCB board. This indicates that the heat dissipation rate of the cob led strip is faster than that of the SMB led strip.
  • Comparison: While the cob led tape light’s luminous angle is 180 degrees, the traditional SMD light strip’s luminous angle is 120 degrees. They are also much more flexible than other flexible strips.
  • Usage: In terms of use, the Hanron Lighting cob best led strip lights are uniform and have no light spot even without an aluminum profile.
  • Pros:
    • Uniform
    • High Flexibility
    • Wide Emitting Angle
    • Long Life Span
    • Competitive Price
  • Cons:
    • Limited Color Selection
  • What’s New: The best feature of the Hanron Lighting cob strip light is that each pixel has its own color and brightness. You can control the China led strip individually or set them to any color or animation that you want.
  • Why You Should Buy It: You should buy the Hanron Lighting cob led strip because they are uniform, individually addressable, flexible than other flexible strips, have a wide emitting angle of 180 degrees, and have a long life space of more than 50,000 hours.